Terms & Conditions

1. Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. By making/accepting a booking through our website, through or contact form, or by telephone or email, and by booking a service provided by our Company, you agree that you have read, understood and fully accepted all of our Terms & Conditions as are listed below. If you disagree with any part or parts of our Terms & Conditions, DO NOT continue to use this website.

2. All services booked through this website are performed exclusively by vehicles with a valid commercial license.

3. Our tours take place throughout the week and at the time specified by the customer, as indicated on the relevant booking form.

4. The required tour times are subject to the opening hours of the archaeological sites, museums and generally the places to be visited included in the tour.

5. The order of tour highlights, based on the tour itinerary, may be subject to change due to extraordinary circumstances beyond our control or force majeure.

6. Please note that your driver is not allowed to enter archeological sites and museums and offer tour guide service. Only licensed tour guides, authorized by the Greek Ministry of Culture, are allowed to do so.

7. If you need a licensed tour guide to accompany you to the archaeological sites and museums, we can recommend a licensed tour guide to provide such a service, or you can find a licensed tour guide of your choice. Please note that if you choose to hire a licensed tour guide for the full time of your tour, an additional seat in the vehicle will be required because your tour guide will be in the vehicle during any tour. For example, if there are 3 people in your group, you will need to select 4 people in the menu in order to provide the appropriate vehicle for your tour.

8. All accredited (officially) licensed tour guides are self-employed under the law, nominated by the operator.

9. Prices include all tolls, vehicle fuel, parking fees and baggage charges. VAT (where applicable) is not included.

10. Prices do NOT include drinks, meals, entrance tickets, accommodation, licensed drivers/guides (which is offered as an optional service at an additional cost) and/or gratuities.

11. For all services between 23:30 – 06:30 there is a 20% overnight charge.

12. Your driver will wait a maximum of 60 minutes after the confirmed, agreed and indicated pick-up time. Please be on time or it will be considered a 'No Show' and you will be charged accordingly.

13. Once you have completed the booking process, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details and important information of the service you have booked. Print it and keep it with you during your tour or transport.

14. You are required to provide a valid mobile phone number that is in use with you and another member of your group during your tour. Ensure that roaming services are enabled for this number and that it remains enabled and ready to receive calls and/or text messages from our Company when needed. If you do not provide such a number, you risk being unable to contact you and/or locate our Company.

15. Baggage is at the owner's risk/responsibility throughout the duration of the booked Service (Travel or Carriage), unless insured. Small items such as coats, wraps, cameras, cell phones, bags, etc. and other hand luggage are solely the responsibility of the passenger, who is warned of the danger associated with any such item left in the vehicles.

16. Child seats: EU Directive 2003/20/EC as applicable states that children must sit in an appropriate child seat until they reach the age of 12 or until they reach a height of 135 cm. However, for licensed taxis, there is an exception. If no child seat is available, children aged 3 and over can travel as long as they wear a seat belt. Children under the age of 3 MUST travel in an appropriate child seat.

17. Wheelchairs: All passengers traveling in a wheelchair must notify us at the time of booking. This is to ensure that the right vehicle is available to meet your specific requirements. We should also be informed if the wheelchairs are folding, manual, or include a battery and/or motor. This policy also applies to scooters.

18. The indicated excursion prices apply to pick-up and/or drop-off locations within the boundaries of the regional unit of Crete. Beyond these limits, an additional charge may apply depending on the distance to your destination.

19. All services offered are subject to weather conditions, traffic regulations and fortuitous events beyond our Company's control, such as strikes, events, floods, etc. In part or in full, our Company will make every reasonable effort to fulfill the agreed service. However, in the event that such efforts fail, in part or in whole, our Company cannot be held responsible for non-performance of exactly the agreed services.

20. Traveling right after your tour. If your disembarkation location is the airport or port, in order to continue your journey (for example, if you have a flight to catch or the cruise ship you arrived on departs at a specific time) we recommend that you follow the exact time as per the relevant instructions of your driver and we recommend that passengers take out travel insurance to provide extra security in the unlikely event of no-boarding. While we make every effort to return you to your ship or disembark you at the airport on time, there may, in extreme cases, be events completely beyond our control and delay your arrival at the airport, port, etc.

21. Provision of Services. All services are provided as a car rental with the driver following the minimum time limit in Greece. The minimum rental period is set at three (3) hours regardless of whether the customer has used the vehicle for less time. Our company reserves the right to provide the services booked by the customer in any way it sees fit to ensure the best performance. For example, your tour or transportation service may be provided by either our company cars, a rental car with a driver, a taxi or a subcontractor depending on availability and other conditions.

22. Our company reserves the right to add, change or remove any part of these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. Any changes to these Terms & Conditions or any terms available on this website are effective immediately upon their posting. By continuing to use this website after any changes are posted, you signify your acceptance of those changes. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check these Terms & Conditions each time you use this website so that you can take into account any modifications made. We reserve the right to add, change, discontinue, remove or suspend any content displayed on this website, including the features and specifications of products and services described or depicted on the website, temporarily or permanently, at any time.

23. RECEIPT. The person making the reservation is required to provide an accurate list of First Names and Surnames (as shown on their passports or identity cards) of all members of the travel group, according to which our company must prepare all necessary passenger manifests from in advance, before taking place. In the event that the list provided is inaccurate as to the actual names or number of passengers arriving, we reserve the right to cancel your services, without refund.

24. By booking a service from our Company, you enter into a legal contract with our Company. If you have any problems before or during the tour, tour or transfer, please call us on the phone number we provide. If you do not have a working cell phone, please ask your driver to call the office from their cell phone so that we can assist you and resolve any issues that you face. If you experience problems during your tour and do not call the company during the tour to correct the situation, you agree to notify the company by email of the problems you experienced and allow the company to make reasonable efforts to resolve the your problems satisfactorily before posting any complaints anywhere publicly, including social networking sites, review sites, blogs and any other areas on the Internet. If the company resolves your concerns satisfactorily and the issue is resolved, you agree to refrain from posting any negative comments, ratings or reviews of our Services online or otherwise. Failure to comply with this agreement is considered a breach of the contract and terms you agreed to prior to booking your service. All complaints must be in writing (email is also considered written) and must be submitted within 15 days of the service provided to you.

25. If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions or if there is anything that is not clear to you, please do not hesitate to ask us via email or our contact form and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have .

BAGGAGE IMPORTANT: For each transfer you request, you must inform us of the exact description of your group's baggage.